Mr. Aguilar's Virtual Classroom

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Reading is an essential part of our learning. We do it all the time whether we want to or not. When we go to the store, it helps us choose the brand of chips we want or the flavor of soda we want to taste that day. When we go to a restaurant it helps us know what we can choose to eat and what door to walk through when we need to use the bathroom. Words... Phrases... Sentences... They are everywhere and no matter how much we try to avoid them, we will always have to read something, somewhere. So why not get good at reading and excel at it? Through this page you will find different areas of reading that are going to provide you with the extra support you need so you can be successful and master each skill. 

You will find the following in each section:

  • A summary of the skill
  • Practice Modules
  • An Assessment to test your skills
  • Resources to learn more about that skill

If you have any suggestions on how to make these pages better for you or anyone else, make sure you let me know by clicking the button below and filling out the simple form.