Mr. Aguilar's Virtual Classroom

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Welcome to my virtual classroom. My name is Mr. Aguilar. I am glad that you decided to visit my classroom. You will find that the success of your child and the well-being of their family is my priority. In my virtual classroom you will find links to resources that will help in the development of your child mentally, physically and socially. You will also find links to the latest news from AISD and Barrington Elementary along with any special events or news from me to you. If you have questions, concerns or disagreements, you are always welcome to fill out a contact form and let me know how I can make your stay in my virtual classroom more enjoyable and productive.

Now a little bit about me. I currently hold a Master's in Organizational Management with a Global Leadership Concentration and a Bachelors in Professional Development. I have been teaching for 12 years in the private and public sectors and am currently certified as an EC-8th Grade Bilingual Generalist  teacher. I am always looking for innovative ideas to engage my students through technology implementation, hands on learning and the fostering of higher level thinking and comprehension. I have worked with programs such as PTA (Parent Teacher Association), Royal Rangers boys discipleship program, extended care programs and other special areas such as music, art, sports and tutoring. My goal is to help every child I come in contact with be successful in their development. I revel in the challenges that come with teaching with the goal of mentoring future leaders within their families and communities. I strongly believe in the success of our children... Whatever it takes!!

                            - Mr. Aguilar -