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Understand Ten and Ones

Lesson 1.1

Make Ten and Ones

Lesson 1.2


Lesson 1.3

Tens and Ones to 50

Lesson 1.4

Tens and Ones to 120

Lesson 1.5

Show Numbers in Different Ways

Lesson 1.6

Model, Read, and Write Numbers from 100 to 120

Lesson 1.7

Expanded Form

Lesson 1.8



Module 5 Subtraction Concepts

Module 7 Subtraction Strategies



Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni

Find out different things that can be measured inch by inch...

Telling Time...

1. Telling Time To The Hour

2. Telling Time To The Half Hour

3. Telling Time To The Half Hour And The Hour

4. Telling Time Practice

Money Bingo 

Counting Money