Mr. Aguilar's Virtual Classroom

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Manage your classroom with this site. It's an easy and versatile tool that can be used in your desktop, laptop and mobile device.

  • Track Student Progress
  • Set Goals
  • Promote Leadership
  • Allow for customizable Avatars
  • Share videos and photos with parents
  • Instant feedback to parents from their mobile devices
  • Award points and take away points
  • Set up behavior contracts with students and parents

Cost: Free

Google Classroom

Set up a virtual classroom for your students. 

  • Track their progress
  • Set up deadlines
  • Provide them with links to valuable websites you can set controls on
  • Connect to other google tools such as google drive, google draw, or google hangouts.
  • Manage multiple classrooms at the same time
  • Have students submit assignments online
  • Provide instant feedback to parents

Cost: Check with your admin to make sure your school has a license for this in site.


Take advantage of the tools used within this program.

  • Present students with Badges to encourage them in working harder and not give up.
  • Provide students with free in-app game minutes for their efforts.
  • Set up contests to promote student learning
  • Set up a wall where students can share their concerns and their achievements with others
  • Message students within this app to make sure they are on track and to encourage them to keep on keeping on. 
  • Provide students with behavior Vibes that can be seen by parents at home.
  • Set up behavior contract record keeping to communicate to your admin and parents instantly.
  • Make learning and classroom management much more fun!!!

Note: MobyMax also has their own curriculum attached to their site license that can be used in class. Look around and play around with it. 

Cost: Free 30 Day Trial
         Full Access $100/Year